December 4-5, 2018 | Dallas, TX

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2017 Speaker Faculty


Amy Messersmith
Chief People Officer

LEAP: “Rethinking workforce planning to gain a knowledge capital dividend.”

Harry Glantz
Chief Human Resources Officer

LEAP: “Re-imagining recruitment to drive urgency and improve hiring effectiveness.”

Terry Merritt
Senior Vice President

LEAP: “Repositioning HR in a more strategic role to transform talent acquisition.”

Guy Wernet
Senior Vice President Human Resources
Centuri Construction Group

LEAP: “Transforming how we identify and nurture our workforce’s strongest competencies.”

Mike Farmer
Senior Vice President Human Resources
Building Materials & Construction Solutions

LEAP: “Rethinking how we find the construction talent we need to help us grow faster.”

Keri Kocur
Senior Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Reimagining performance to encourage employees to be in the driving seat of their careers.”

Lauren Bediako
Vice President Human Resources
HITT Contracting

LEAP: “Rethinking how we build tomorrow’s leaders to drive development in the field.”

Aaron Lincove
Vice President Human Resources & Talent Management
Pulte Group

LEAP: “Integrating an end-to-end talent experience to transform our leadership development.”

Scott Marshall
Vice President Human Resources
Jacobs Engineering

LEAP: “Shifting thinking from the project to the people to drive productivity and quality.”

Tony DeStefano
Vice President Human Resources
Skanska USA

LEAP: “Reshaping learning to build the skills to succeed on increasingly complex projects.”

John Shaw
Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “A fresh approach to the role of HR to drive significant change within the company”

Christian Recknagel
Vice President Leadership & Culture
Benchmark Construction Company

LEAP: “Building a more resilient culture to become a champion of high performance.”

Samantha Rist
Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Incorporating innovative HR analytics to drive engagement and transform performance.”

Kalynn Pearson
Vice President Human Resources
THOR Companies

LEAP: “Reshaping recruitment to enhance future talent engagement.”

Geoff Maracchini
Vice President Human Resources
Blackeagle Energy Services

LEAP: “Rethinking where we find the craft technical expertise we need in the short and long term.”

Matt Abele
Head of Human Resources
Caddell Construction

LEAP: “More effectively identifying and addressing leadership gaps for succession planning success.”

Jason Westenskow
Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Redefining our approach to performance management to encourage more and open dialogue and transform engagement.”

James Banner
Vice President Human Resources
Pike Enterprises

LEAP: “Rewriting how we demonstrate the value of learning within in our organization.”

Tawna Agee-Hanslick
Head of Talent Development,

LEAP: “Rethinking talent development to overcome the growing pains of a booming construction company.”

Cari Williams
Head of People Practices
DPR Construction

LEAP: "Leveraging a scalable and resilient new learning model to eliminate any future surprises"

Robert Jackson
Organizational Development Leader
DPR Construction

LEAP: "Leveraging a scalable and resilient new learning model to eliminate any future surprises"