The 2020 speaker faculty is made up of construction’s most forward-thinking HR leaders, including:

Lesley Elwell

Chief People Office

JE Dunn

Rudy Alanis

Chief People Officer

Helix Electric

John Shaw

Vice President of Human Resources


Erica Gilliland

Director of Craft Recruiting


Jason Westenskow

Vice President of Human Resources

Zachry Corporation

The Future-Focused HR Strategies That Will Unlock Your Field Workforce’s Potential & Give Your Firm the Competitive Edge It Needs in 2021 & Beyond

LEAP HR: Construction is returning for the 4th year to unite the community of HR leaders from across the industry for three days of practical, strategic dialogue like no other.

This is you and your team’s best opportunity to find out how to transform HR’s strategic impact on field and firm-wide performance.

Discover the different thinking it takes to better attract, develop, and retain your most critical talent, re-vitalize your workforce culture & engagement, and strengthen your learning & development capabilities to re-boot your construction firm following significant disruption to the global economy.

Only at LEAP HR: Construction will you uncover the industry’s most forward-thinking HR leaps, including:

How JE Dunn is driving new levels of business performance, productivity, and efficiency by transforming the Intelligence of HR technology to guide next-level strategic leadership
How McCarthy has designed and implemented bespoke craft recruitment models to drive large-scale talent acquisition and bolster the firm’s growth
How Clayco is driving the accessibility and uptake of its project-site diversity and inclusion initiatives to change the conversation on acceptance and equity
How Helix Electric is equipping HR with the critical business and leadership skills to drive people and organizational success both in the office and across projects