Attract In-Demand Project Talent, Champion Mental Wellbeing & Diversity, & Develop the Next-Gen Workforce to Position Yourself as a Future-Focused Construction Organization

Welcome to LEAP HR: Construction 2024

Now in its ninth year, the LEAP HR: Construction summit is the most exclusive and senior forum dedicated to HR leaders in the Construction industry.

This is your only opportunity to gather with other HR leaders navigating the specific challenges of managing a labor-intensive, highly skilled craft workforce in 2024. Find out how your peers are building homegrown technical talent, mitigating the impact of crippling talent shortages, how they’re rethinking engagement strategies, and how they’re looking ahead to close skill-gaps and attract the next-gen construction workforce.

Take part and hear 30+ case studies of how HR leaders have transformed their impact in 2024, and leave with a readymade support network of 150+ construction HR leaders as you navigate the next era of work.

Attendees left with the inspiration and blueprints they needed to genuinely transform their impact on both workforce engagement and business bottom-line, as they continue to navigate an uncertain external construction talent and operating market.

Your World Class Speakers:

Unmissable Highlights

  • Discover: Mapping Out the Next Gen Talent Funnel. How Centuri Group have mapped out their current pipelines and are tapping into hidden workforces while diversifying their current workforce
  • Discover: Implementing a ‘Quick Start’ Period for new hires. How Faith Corporation have implemented a two week ‘Quick Start’ period that allows new hires to lean about the job before going onsite, building excitement and engagement and decreasing turnover from 26% to 16.5%
  • Discover: Addressing Burnout through Constructing a Culture of Care & Mindfulness. How Flintco are placing certified mental health first aiders on each project and piloting a daily meditating program to equip their staff with the resources to help themselves and each other
  • Discover: Accounting for Culture to Impact Positive Change. How Pulte Group have developed a detailed ‘Culture Dashboard’ that assesses the companies live data against the companies values, informing strategic action needed to match the desired culture
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