December 3-4, 2019 | Dallas, TX

2018 Deep Dive B

What is a Deep Dive?

This deep dive session will provide an an opportunity for you to join an intimate and highly-interactive group of senior people leaders to plug into the very latest strategies on how to attract, retain and develop the talent your business needs now to ensure growth and sustainability.

Wednesday December 5 2018, 7:30-9:00

Before the second conference day begins, this interactive deep dive session will allow you to spend time engaging in a smaller group. This is your opportunity to plug into the very latest thinking into how construction HR leaders are effectively redesigning the required skills that are crucial for enhanced performance in the field

Breakfast Deep Dive – This session is separately bookable

Redesigning Essential Skill Sets for a New Construction Workforce to Drive People & Project Performance

07.15 Deep Dive Registration & Breakfast
07.30 Welcome and Introduction

Discover: How Challenging Traditional Approaches to Developing Soft Skills Approaches in Construction Will Drive Workforce Development & Performance

• What are the new essential skills needed for a construction workforce to succeed in today’s industry?
• What do we need to do more of to enable construction workers to build on their conversational and reactionary skills that will transform organizational culture and performance in the field?
• How do we prepare our people for further change in the field?
• What do we need to do to make emotional intelligence a reality in the development of our people’s most critical soft skills?
• Can we take the traditional elements of emotional intelligence and turn them into basic skills that are crucial to our employees’
professional and personal development?
• Can these skills be made to be simple enough to learn and practice at all levels in the construction industry?
• Why in the world is basic meditation one of these important skills?

Mike Grabarek, Vice President of Human Resources, The Lane Construction Corporation
08.00 Group Activity: What Are the New Crucial Skill Sets We Will Need our Workforce to Develop to Transform Organizational Culture & Performance on Project Sites? Output Focused Action Session Facilitated by the Deep Dive Leaders
08.45 Recap & Conclusion
The main conference sessions begin at 9.00, immediately after the end of this Deep Dive
9.00 End of Deep Dive