December 3-4, 2019 | Dallas, TX

2018 Deep Dive A 2018

What is a Deep Dive?

This deep dive session will provide an an opportunity for you to join an intimate and highly-interactive group of senior people leaders to plug into the very latest strategies on how to attract, retain and develop the talent your business needs now to ensure growth and sustainability.

Tuesday December 4 2018, 7:30-9:00

Before the first conference day begins, this interactive deep dive session will allow you to spend time engaging, in a smaller group, with other construction talent acquisition leaders. This is your opportunity to plug into the very latest thinking into how progressive organizations are rethinking where to find the technical expertise needed to solve the construction talent shortage.

Breakfast Deep Dive – This session is separately bookable

Transforming Talent Acquisition in Engineering
& Construction

07.15 Deep Dive Registration & Breakfast
07.30 Welcome and Introduction Christian Recknagel, Vice President, Leadership and Culture, Benchmark Construction

Construction’s Talent Acquisition Leaders Q&A: Innovation in Recruitment: Going Above & Beyond to Transform Your Talent Acquisition Objectives & Get Ahead of Construction’s Biggest Hiring Challenges

• What fresh approaches can we take to re-think speed to hire, radically reduce turnover, and make dramatic recruitment cost savings?
• Effectively reshaping your hunt for talent to ensure you meet the changing requirements of your existing and future workforce
• How progressive construction firms are challenging traditional thinking to attract and excite younger generations about a career in construction
• What creative approaches do we need to take to allow us to fully transform our traditional recruitment functions into dynamic talent
acquisition teams?
• What advanced technical approaches to talent acquisition can we take that will also align with organizational strategic direction and  budgetary demands?
• What do we need to do to transform talent acquisition’s strategic capability and deliver quantifiable results?

Your Talent Acquisition Leaders:

Mayra Martinez, Vice President of Talent, Helix

Neal GrabarkewitzDirector, Talent Acquisition, TDIndustries

Alli Burton, Director of Talent, McKinstry

Michael Aubrey Morris, Talent Ambassador, Primus Builders

08.00 Group Activity: What Fresh Talent Acquisition Approaches Are You Now Going to Take to Radically Enhance the Quantity & Quality of New Trade Talent? Output Focused Action Session Facilitated by the Deep Dive Leaders
08.40 Recap & Conclusion
The main conference sessions begin at 9.00, immediately after the end of this Deep Dive
Christian Recknagel, Vice President, Leadership and Culture, Benchmark Construction
8.50 End of Deep Dive