December 3-4, 2019 | Dallas, TX

2018 Speakers


Scott Marshall
Vice President of Global Human Resources
Jacobs Engineering

LEAP: "Taking fresh approaches to leadership development in engineering & construction."

Mark Truchan
Global Director of Craft Services HR

LEAP: Rethinking how we solve the construction talent shortage

Renee Gallegos
Vice President, Talent Management and Organizational Change

LEAP: Challenging traditional succession planning in construction

Mike Grabarek
Vice President of Human Resources
The Lane Construction Corporation

LEAP: Taking a unique approach to the development of soft skills for a construction workforce

Larissa Chevalier
Vice President, Senior Human Resources Director
Gilbane Building Company

LEAP: Challenging traditional hiring programs in construction

John Shaw
Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: Strategically taking construction HR to the next level

Brandon Brazeel
Chief Human Resources Officer
Sherwood Construction

LEAP: Advancing the strategic capabilities of construction HR

Mike Olsson
Vice President of Human Resources
PCL Construction

LEAP: Looking to the past to resolve today’s biggest construction HR challenges

Charissa Wagner
Vice President of Talent Acquisition & Development
Taylor Morrison

LEAP: Rethinking how we drive employee engagement on and off the field.

Craig Woodson
Vice President of Human Resources & Talent Development

LEAP: Driving culture change to transform HR’s strategic capability

Kathy Prime
Chief Learning & Talent Development Officer
High Companies

LEAP: Supercharging workforce development

Christian Recknagel
Vice President - Leadership & Culture
Benchmark Construction

LEAP: Challenging traditional leadership development in construction

John Prutsman
Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Employee Development

LEAP: “Changing the conversation around career development in engineering & construction.”

Jason Westenskow
Vice President Human Resources
Zachry Construction

LEAP: Rethinking how we attract future talent at an earlier age

Matt Hess
Vice President of Human Resources and Leadership Development
HGC Construction

LEAP: Developing top technical talent into exceptional people leaders

Jason Hefley
Human Resources Director

LEAP: Strategically taking construction HR to the next level

Lauren Bediako
Vice President Human Resources
HITT Contracting

LEAP: Taking fresh approaches to diversity and inclusion in construction

Neal Grabarkewitz
Director of Talent Acquisition

LEAP: "Taking fresh approaches to tackling construction’s biggest recruitment challenges."

Harry Glantz
Chief Human Resources Officer

LEAP: Challenging traditional HR thinking in construction

Dan Lester
Director of Field Diversity, Inclusion & Culture

LEAP: Challenging traditional thinking around field diversity & inclusion

Alli Burton
Director of Talent

LEAP: “Rethinking how we resolve construction’s biggest talent acquisition challenges.”

Mayra Martinez
Vice President of Talent
Helix Electric

LEAP: “Taking fresh approaches to tackling construction’s biggest recruitment challenges."

Michael Aubrey Morris
Talent Ambassador
Primus Builders

LEAP: "Transforming talent acquisition in engineering & construction."

R.J. Morris
Director of Talent Acquisition & Management
McCarthy Building Companies

LEAP: Accelerating craft labor workforce planning.