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Established in 1978, Govig & Associates is an Executive Recruitment firm that specializes in Retained Search for the Pharmaceutical and BioTech Industry.  Our emerging and midsized clients retain us repeatedly when they face timing challenges, knowledge and network gaps, resource scarcity or scope and reputation challenges in the employment market.  We put our tenure, relationships and expertise to work so you can meet your deadlines, keep your promises to investors and build a successful organization.


Tradesmen International
Expertise Partner

Tradesmen is proud to serve as a reliable extension of our clients’ internal staffing operations. With 213 trade-dedicated recruiters positioned throughout our network of nearly 200 operations and recruiting offices and at our National Recruiting Center, we have the resources to accurately meet contractor trade qualifications and to mobilize crews from 10 to more than 200 anywhere in North America.

We have 27 years of experience and a highly tenured service personnel who make it a priority to understand our clients’ unique project and short- and long-term labor needs.  Ultimately they head up teams who implement a custom staffing strategy that supports client HR and field management efforts to sustain an optimized work-to-worker ratio and workforce productivity.

Tradesmen employs nearly 15,000 safety-minded, heavy industrial craftsmen with proven experience on shutdowns, outages, petrochemical sites, wind and solar farms, distribution centers and just about every other project type.

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